Skullcandy Crusher ANC Vs Crusher Wireless Vs Crusher Evo

Skullcandy Crusher ANC Vs Crusher Wireless Vs Crusher Evo

Skullcandy Crusher ANC Vs Crusher Wireless Vs Crusher Evo


Skullcandy Crusher series offers an audio experience unlike any other on the market. Skullcandy introduced Crusher ANC that supports Active Noise Cancelation and an Ambient Mode, their Crusher Evo has the better build quality and, an affordable price tag, and the Crusher Wireless is a Sensory bass headphone with a little bit low specs and available at a low price tag. Let’s discuss some major differences between these three.
Models ANC & Ambient Mode
Adjustable Sensory Bass
Personal Sound
Crusher ANC Yes Yes Yes
Crusher Evo No Yes Yes
Crusher Wireless No Yes  No

Tech Specs

Models USB C
Rapid Charge 
Crusher ANC Yes Yes
Crusher Evo Yes Yes
Crusher Wireless No (Micro USB) Yes
Crusher ANC and Evo both used a USB C port for charging and Crusher Wireless use a Micro USB port for charging. All these headphones provide rapid charging 10 minutes of charging = 3 hours of battery life.


 All three have a 40-millimeter driver handling most of the sound and as compared to other headphones in the market these three have a separate pair of drivers that handles all the extra bass essentially act as a vibrating motor. All three are almost the same in sound and bass. A major difference is when you turn on the ANC on Crusher ANC. All three headphones are all about vocals and bass and you will have so much fun while listening.


Models Battery Life
Crusher ANC Up to 24 Hours
Crusher Evo Up to 40 Hours
Crusher Wireless
Up to 40 Hours
When it comes to battery all these three headphones have different battery times and it all depends on your usage. Skullcandy advertised a battery life of 24 hours with ANC turned on for Crusher ANC but you can extend battery life by turning off ANC. The Evo and wireless have an advertised battery life of up to 40 hours. But again it depends on how much bass you have raised.


Models Bluetooth Version
Crusher ANC 5.0
Crusher Evo
Crusher Wireless
Both ANC and Evo use Bluetooth version 5.0. But ANC supports Bluetooth connectivity with 2 devices at the same time, Evo and Wireless do not support this feature. Although, Crusher wireless is using Bluetooth version 4.2 so no comparison with others.

Audio Codecs 

Models Audio Codecs
Crusher ANC AAC & APTX
Crusher Evo
Crusher Wireless No Codecs
Let’s check the audio codecs, the Evo has support for AAC, Crusher ANC’s have APTX, whereas the Crusher Wireless does not support any fancy codecs. All three supports a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


Crusher Evo has multiple touch surfaces. The main part of the body is covered with Soft Touch. On the underside, Skullcandy provided padded silicon. On the other side, the body of the Crusher ANC’s is made of smooth plastic. So, the Evo feels more premium. Crusher Wireless has a matte coating that resists fingerprints and headband faux leather padding is substantial. All these combines make a comfortable headphone pair.


Models Weight
Crusher ANC 308 Grams
Crusher Evo
312 Grams
Crusher Wireless 275 Grams
Crusher ANC weight is around 308 Grams, Crusher Evo weight is around 312 Grams a few grams heavy than ANC and Surprisingly Crusher Wireless Weight Is just 275 Grams which is a good weight in this category.

Padding and Ear Pads

Crusher Evo has a little bit large padding than the other two. Crusher Evo and wireless have stiffer padding than the ANC’s. So you have to take a rest after some time or you start shifting the headband back and forth. On the other side, ANC’s padding is much softer than others. ANC has a little bit more spacious ear pads than Crusher Evo and Wireless. But Evo is more comfortable for people having large ears.

Carrying Pouch

Models Material
Crusher ANC
Crusher Evo
Soft Material
Crusher Wireless
Soft Material
Crusher Evo comes with a carrying pouch that provides you a premium feel because the outside surface is super thick and rugged and, on the inside, they provide fake fur and it also has pockets for your headphone accessories. Crusher Wireless comes with a pouch having soft material coating outside and if you do travel a lot with your headphones, Crusher ANC Carrying Pouch is the best for you. Crusher ANC comes with a hard-shell carrying pouch. So, you don’t have to worry about your headphones.

Some Extra Stuff

Models Noise Isolation Mics
Crusher ANC Good
Crusher Evo
Crusher Wireless Satisfactory 1
Crusher ANC has 2 microphones with on the other side Evo and wireless has only 1 microphone. So the ANC has a little bit better mic recording. ANC and wireless have neodymium magnets while Evo doesn’t have. ANC and Evo provide battery level indicators Wireless does not provide that. Crusher wireless also supports an in-line control panel other two do not have. Skullcandy does not make this three sweat-resistant. You can use tile with ANC and Evo and not with Crusher wireless. Wireless and Evo both have poor noise isolation. All three have some media control buttons.

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