Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

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Brand: Microsoft
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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop Combo

Maximized for comfort and customized for you

With its contoured design, customizable features that easily adjust to your needs, and a specially designed, right-handed mouse, Sculpt Comfort Desktop transforms the way you use a keyboard and mouse. It helps you keep your wrists in a neutral position, while providing functionality and shortcuts that improve typing efficiency.
Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop Keyboard and Mouse

Modern modular design

The sleek design and comfort curve layout keep keys within easy reach, while straightening wrists with ergonomic palm support that protects against inflammation and repetitive stress injuries. The split spacebar offers new backspace functionality to help you make the most of your keystrokes. Tight workspace? Sculpt Comfort Desktop can be easily customized to save space, and offer a more compact look, by detaching the palm rest.
Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse

Windows integration

Sculpt Comfort Desktop perfectly integrates with Windows 11/10. The keyboard hotkeys are optimized for Windows 11/10 to enable fast, easy navigation. Located on the side of the mouse, the customizable Windows touch tab provides easy access to the Start Menu, Cortana (availability may vary), OneNote, Task View or virtual desktops.
Side view of the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop Keyboard and mouse
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    Contoured for comfort

    Contoured design promotes a natural wrist position and puts keys within easy reach.

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    Detachable palm rest

    Detachable palm rest can be removed for a sleek, compact look. Work in the position that's most comfortable for you with detachable palm rest and adjustable keyboard legs.

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    Split spacebar with backspace functionality

    Split spacebar with backspace functionality is designed to improve typing efficiency.

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    Four-way scrolling

    Scroll left, right, front and back. Quickly navigate all of your projects with speed and efficiency.

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    Customizable Windows touch tab

    Customizable Windows touch tab for easy access to the Start Menu, Cortana (availability may vary), OneNote, Task View or virtual desktops.1

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    Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-Bit Encryption

    This keyboard features Advanced Encryption Standard (AES*) technology, which is designed to help protect your information by encrypting your keystrokes. Each keyboard is permanently paired with its receiver at the factory—no key information is ever shared over the air.

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    Windows 11/10 hotkeys

    Provides convenient access to commonly used Windows 11/10 functions.

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    BlueTrack technology

    BlueTrack technology works on virtually any surface in your home or office.





    • Requires a PC that meets the requirements and installed the operating system below.


    • USB

    Hard Drive space

    • 150 MB Hard Drive


    • Keyboard: 2 AAA alkaline batteries (included)
    • Mouse: 2 AA alkaline batteries (included)

    Operating Systems



    • Win 8.1 32 bit, Win 8.1 64 bit, Win 8 32 bit, Win 8 64 bit, Win RT 8.1, Win RT 8



    • Win 7 32 bit, Win 7 64 bit
    • Mac OS 10.9,  Mac OS 10.8,  Mac OS 10.7

    • Android 4.2, Android 3.2


    • iOS 7, iOS 6

    Dimensions for Keyboard


    • Length: 17.8" / 453mm



    • Width: 8.39" / 213mm


    Dimensions for Mouse


    • Length: 4.37" / 111mm



    • Width: 2.69" / 68.5mm



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