leef iBridge Air 32GB

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Wireless Memory 

Have you ever run out of memory on your iPhone or iPad? It's the worst. Trying to quickly capture the perfect photo or download an app becomes next to impossible. 

Leef iBridge Air external iOS memory drive is a game-changer, empowering users to go do more by freeing up space on their iPhone & iPad.

Silence Those iCloud Error Messages

If you’d prefer not to pay Apple a monthly fee for it’s iCloud service, and need an elegant solution for keeping your growing collection of photos, videos and music immediately accessible, you’ll love the iBridge Air.
With iBridge Air, you can easily transfer all your photos and videos off your iPhone to free up space. Because iBridge Air is wireless, you can access your files anytime you’d like just by turning on the iBridge Air and pulling up the app. But that’s just the beginning.

Get free iBridge Air App


Now Streaming In Your Car: Your Movies!

Designed to fit in your skinny jeans, the sleek and compact Leef iBridge Air is like having network-attached storage (NAS) in your pocket. Now you can stream your movies in your car just like the airlines do to any Apple or Android device. This requires NO internet access or personal MiFi — just the iBridge Air app for iOS devices or a comparable app such as ES File Explorer™ or Astro File Manager™ for Android devices.

Easily Capture and Share Event Pictures and Videos

The iBridge Air wirelessly extends the storage capacity of your iPhone while choosing who has access to your personal WiFi to stream, capture and share content. This is perfect for birthday parties, weddings and any social gathering where lots of people have their phones out capturing the essence of the event.


Help Your Parents Transfer Their Photos and Videos

Do you play impromptu tech support for your parents’ iPhone? Then you’re going to love how easy it is to migrate all their old pictures and videos off their iPhones and onto their very own iBridge Air. Just download the iBridge Air app onto their iPhone, connect to the iBridge Air WiFi Access Point and click “From Camera Roll to iBridge Air.” At the end of copying all their photos and videos, you’ll get the option to delete them off their iPhone. They’ll be thrilled to get back all that extra capacity and you’ll love how little time it took you to do it for them.

Want Even More?
With the Leef iBridge Air, your iPhone can now:


All of your MP4 videos and MP3 music files can be shared wirelessly with any other Apple or Android device (1). Great for families traveling on long car rides and extended flights.


Capture your photos and videos at a live event and share them with your friends and family members as it’s happening.


Ignore and silence all of Apple’s persistent reminders to buy space on its iCloud service. Now you have your own back up in your pocket and no longer feel compelled to pay a monthly storage fee.


Automatically backup your contacts, photos, videos and other files via WiFi. You control what gets backed up and how often.


Use your Leef iBridge Air to create a central repository (via its own WiFi Access Point) of all the Apple and Android pictures and videos captured at an event. No more time-consuming sending and receiving individual pictures and videos via email, text or AirDrop®.


Transfer your photos, videos and other documents off your iPhone or iPad wirelessly to free up more space.

Features Include:

  • Stream MP4 videos and MP3 music files to your iPhone or iPad
  • Wirelessly capture direct-to-drive photos and videos (2)
  • Collect photos and videos from other Apple and Android devices via WiFi
  • Automatic wireless back-up of contacts and content between iOS devices
  • Ability to wirelessly back-up your Mac or PC files
  • Easily transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to free up space
  • Easier way to manage your files and your media
  • WiFi and file transfer continues to work while charging via a power outlet or battery charger
  • Protective sleeve (included) allows to attach to keys, bag or backpack
  • Compact design for easy portability and device sharing
  • This will keep the kids happy for hours during long distance travel via planes, trains and cars.


802 11 a/b/g/n/ac
Black + Silver
ABS plastic
62 x 62 x 10.5mm
Li-polymer 1400mAh
Windows® 10, Windows 8 or
Windows 7 operating systems

Mac OS X®, Sierra or El Capitan operating systems

iOS 10.3.3+

Android 7.0+
Transfer Speed:
2.4 GHz up to 600 Mbps (802.11N)
5.8 GHz up to 600 Mbps (802.11AC)


 What's in the Box?

  • Integrated rechargeable battery (Li-Polymer, 1400mAh)
  • Incl. silicone sleeve (yellow)
  • App-support (Android, iOS)

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