Satechi Extended Wireless Keypad Space Gray

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Brand: Satechi

Satechi Extended Wireless Keypad Space Gray

Expand your keyboard with the Satechi Bluetooth Extended Keypad.
Featuring a full number pad, navigational arrows, and convenient MacOS shortcut keys, the Bluetooth Extended Keypad restores the functionality of a desktop keyboard to your tablet or laptop.
With a slim, sleek design, the Keypad complements your modern setup and makes data entry a breeze – whether you’re in the office or on the go.









Bluetooth Connection

Ditch the messy cables and wirelessly connect to your computer with the Keypad’s Bluetooth capabilities. With no receiver needed, wireless setup is a breeze.

MacOS Shortcut Keys

Features conveniently placed navigational arrows and MacOS shortcut keys to help improve productivity. Windows OS may not support all shortcuts.

Rechargeable USB-C Port

Its rechargeable USB-C port allows you to continue work wirelessly while the keypad charges – so nothing interrupts your workflow. Note: Keypad cannot be used by plugging directly into your computer.

  1. Move the power switch to the “On” position to turn 2 on the keypad
  2. Press and hold the “Connect” button for ~5 seconds then release. Fast blinking blue light means pairing mode
  3. Open Bluetooth settings on your device and find the name from Bluetooth menu to complete connection process. Connection is indicated by solid blue light for ~5 seconds, then light turns o­ff
  4. It will not pair automatically when you turn on the keypad first time, after first time paired, it will connect automatically next time. If you need switch this keypad to other device, repeat the pairing action.
  5. To preserve battery life, the keypad will enter automatically sleep mode after ~1 hour of inactivity. Press any key to wake up the keypad
  6. The keypad can be continuously used for up to 50 hours between full charges. Low battery is indicated by slow blinking blue light
  7. Please use the included cable to recharge your keypad for 2-3 hours or until red light turns off­. Solid red light means charging. When solid red light turns off­ keypad is fully charged
  8. Device will not be activated for pairing if battery lower than 5%. Please make sure the keypad has battery recharged



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