Belkin Basic Surge Protector

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Brand: Belkin
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Belkin Basic Surge Protector

  • Wired
  • Universal socket
  • Wall-mountable for a protected outlet without extra cords
  • Surge protection indicator lets you know your equipment is protected
  • Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) absorb excess electricity for increased protection
  • Max spike current of 4500 amps
  • Universal Socket
  • Wall-mountable for a protected outlet without extra cords
  • Surge Protection Indicator lets you know your equipment is protected
  • Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) absorb excess electricity for increased protection
Are you in search of a unisocket that comes with a surge protector? Your search ends over here as Belkin has come up with an essential and user-friendly product that will serve your purpose in the best possible way. This universal socket, designed by Belkin is a product that comes with user friendly features and amazing performance. Being small and lightweight, handling this device is not a big deal.

Why should you opt for this Belkin Unisocket?

Belkin, one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, has been ruling the market since a long time. This essential series unisocket manufactured by Belkin, now comes with awesome features. Belkin moreover is known for designing and engineering products to be free of defects in material, assembly or workmanship. This is perfect for home appliances as well as professional workstations. With this product, you can rather safeguard your home appliances from any type of damage.


Take a quick glance at some of the essential facts of this product. This might help you out in deciding whether to purchase this product or not.
  • Spike capacity – 4500ampere
  • Wall mountable for a protected outlet
  • Surge protection indicator
  • Comes in with Metal oxide varistors
  • Damage resistant
  • The grey casing is resistant to rust
  • Scratch proof
  • Surge protection rate: 70 joules
  • Item weight: 109gm
  • Product dimension: 16 x 12 x 6.5cm
  • Height– 6.5cm
This Belkin unisocket is designed with the purpose of serving your household requirements in the best way. This 3 pin surge protector is handy enough and using it will never degrade the overall performance of an electronic device. The metal oxide varistors absorb more electricity for increased protection.
Therefore, you can shop this Belkin Unisocket from the online stores and safeguard your home appliances from all types of damage.

From the Manufacturer

Know Safety, No Accidents

The Belkin Essential series uni-socket surge protector is small and light and has no additional cable attached, making it extremely portable. The surge protection indicator on this Belkin bv101000zbcw indicates that all is okay and the connected device is under surge protection. This wall mount surge protector has a surge protection rating of 70 joules and can be used to protect home appliances, laptops, and peripherals in the case of voltage fluctuations.

Efficient Safety Features

With a maximum spike capacity of 4500 amperes, Belkin's uni-socket prevents the overloading of appliances. Metal oxide varistors (MOVs) within this Belkin surge protector absorb the excess of electricity. Further, this Belkin surge protector comes within a well-finished, damage-resistant, grey casing that is resistant to rust, scratches, fire and dents. The Belkin power surge protector is therefore a useful addition to your home or office for safeguarding expensive equipment during damaging surges and spikes.

Maximum spike current:
  • 4500 amperes
Item weight:
  • 109 g
Surge protection rating:
  • 70 joules
  • 16 x 12 x 6.5 cm

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Changaiz Fogarty (Islamabad, PK)
Good Product

Pleased to see the product, Recommended 👍🏼

Akif Rehman (St Louis, US)

Good and reliable product

Ahsan Siddiqui (Karachi, PK)
Great product!

Works great 👍🏻 I opened it up and it does has the circuitry inside that helps from surges. Satisfied 👍🏻

Muhammad Jamal (Islamabad, PK)
Amazing product and great customer service

Got the product in time and if there’s any issue they respond to it promptly. Really amazed by their service and satisfied with the product delivered