BOYA BY-WM3D 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone 3.5mm

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Brand: Boya


• 2.4GHz Transmission technology.

• Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, DSLRs, PC,
  camcorders, recorders etc.
• Ideal for daily vlogs, live streaming and interview,
  recording etc.
• Extremely compact receiver and transmitter.
• Including charging case for charging and pairing.
• Three interchangeable connectors for receiver.
• Built-in omnidirectional microphone.
• Easy set-up and plug-and-play.
• One full charge supports the TX/RX for about
  4.5/8 hours use.

The BOYA BY-WM3D 2.4GHz wireless microphone system features one transmitter and one receiver, both of them are compact and lightweight.

Ultra-compact Wireless Microphone System

Small size & light weight, the transmitter is only 10.5g (0.37oz). And the BY-WM3D is equipped with a charging case that can charge and pair the transmitter and receiver. After one full charge, the TX/RX can continue working for about 4.5/8 hours.

Three Interchangeable Connectors Make It Universal

And just like the BY-WM3U, the receiver of BY-WM3D also features three interchangeable connectors, two of which are the same as the ones of BY-WM3U, namely TRS and TRRS connector. But its last connector is Apple MFI certified Lightning connector. These three plugs make it compatible with all recording devices with Lightning or 3.5mm input socket.

In-built Microphone to Avoid Hassle

With an in-built omnidirectional microphone on the transmitter, it is easy to use. After pairing, just connect the receiver with your recording device, pin the transmitter on your collar to get started.

What's in the Box?

• Charging Case
• Clip-on Minature Transmitter
• Professional Compact Receiver
• MFI Certified Lightning Adapter
• 3.5mm TRS Adapter
• 3.5mm TRRS Adapter
• Foam Windshield
• Fur windscreen
• 30cm/11.8"Type-C to USB-A Charging Cable

Transmission Type:
  •  2.4GHz
 Polar Pattern:
  •  Omnidirectional
 Frequency Response:
  •  20Hz-20KHz (±3dB)
  •  <0.1%
 Sampling Rates:
  •  48kHz
 Bit Depth:
  •  16Bit
 Signal-to noise ratio:
  •  75db or more
 Operating Distance:
  •  20m(without obstacle)
 Power Consumption:
  •  TX: 80mW RX: 60mW
 Working Time:
  •  TX: 4.5 hours * two times
  •  RX: 8 hours * two times
 Charing Time:
  •  TX:2 hours
  •   RX:2 hours
  •  Charging Case:2 hours
 Charging Port(Charging Case):
  •  Type-C
 Battery Capacity:
  •  TX:100mA
  •  RX:100mA
  •  Charging Case:1000mA
  •   Charging  Case:120*77*30.5m(4.7*3*1.2")
  •   TX:51.8*15.6*18mm(2*0.6*0.7")
  •    RX:54*15.6*15.6mm(2*0.6*0.6")
  •  TX+RX+Charging Case: 129g (4.5 oz)
  •  TX:10.5g (0. 37 oz) RX:9.5g (0. 33 oz)

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