Fifine K037 20-Channel UHF Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone

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Brand: Fifine
SKU: K037

Fifine K037 Wireless Mic

  • STABLE SIGNAL and CLEAR SOUND. UHF wireless lavalier microphone system is less likely to be subject to interference from local radio stations. The reliable signal within 50 feet. Perfect for live performance. ** NOT compatible with smartphones, computers, and Apple products. **Choose the other model K031B if you need a mic for computers.**
  • EASY-TO-READ LCD SCREEN. The screen on the transmitter displays the transmitting frequency and remaining battery life, so no need to guess involved.The indicator of the receiver will flash and turn green if the low battery. You can know the microphone working status well during a performance.
  • UNIDIRECTIONAL LAV MIC. Cardioid polar pattern rejects unwanted noise. Included windscreen also reduces plosives, wind and breath sounds. Clip it as close to under your chin as possible and with the top of the windscreen pointing up towards your mouth.
  • 20 SELECTABLE CHANNELS. Easily change to a clean channel if used with other wireless microphone systems or experience interference. Good to be used for a mobile DJ. Work with speakers, mixers, amplifiers, and soundboards with a 1/4" interface to output the sound. **The included adapter is only for the camera that has a 3.5mm mic jack, not for phones or computers.**
  • UNIQUE ID CODE. Each wireless microphone unit has been set a unique ID code that allows the use of several K037 wireless lapel microphones at the same time without worrying about cross-connecting issues. Allows multiple wireless mics used simultaneously.

The keywords here for Fifine K037 lapel mic are light, compact, portable, wireless, dependable performance with common audio equipment.


  1. Includes everything you need for a microphone system in a compact box. One lav mic, transmitter, receiver, windscreen and a 1/4'' to 3.5mm TRS adapter.
  2. More reliable signal in UHF (Ultra-High-Frequency) band. The valid distance is around 50 feet (15m).
  3. There are 20 adjustable frequencies and could be transformed easily. No worry about frequency interference.
  4. A high-quality microphone capsule greatly minimizes noise and makes your voice clear.
  5. Easy to operate, with a backlit LCD screen on the transmitter to show the working status.
  6. Solved your need for a wireless clip-on mic.


Note: The mic is designed to be used with speakers or audio devices with 6.35mm mic jack. We don't recommend using it with cellphones, computers, tablets and Apple products.

Easy to set up and operate with your speaker or other audio devices.

Step 1
Plug the mini XLR lav mic into the mic jack of the transmitter.
Step 2
Turn down the mic volume on the speaker. (Speaker is not included in this model, Fifine K037.)
Step 3
Plug the receiver into the 1/4'' (6.35mm) mic jack of the speaker. (Make sure the receiver is “off” when you do this.)
Step 4
Turn on the transmitter and then the receiver. They will pair with each other automatically. The indicator on the receiver will turn red when paired successfully.
Step 5
Slightly adjust the output volume on the speaker until you get the best effect.

wireless lapel microphone

- Sensitivity: -44±2dB RL=680Ω Vs=1.5V (1KHz 0dB=1V/Pa)
- Directivity: Unidirectional
- Impedance: 1-1.9KΩ
- Frequency Response: 50Hz-16KHz
- S/N Ratio: More than 58dB
- Frequency: 565-584 MHz
- Sensitivity: -95db
- S/N Ratio: More than 58dB
- Frequency Response: 40Hz-15KHz
-Frequency: 565-584 MHz
-Radio Frequency Power: 10dBM/10MV
-On-off Control: Physical Switch

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