Fifine K432 Portable HD Webcam

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Brand: Fifine
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Fifine K432 HD Webcam

  • 【1080P FULL HD WEBCAM - ENJOY THE CLEARER AND SMOOTHER VIDEO TIME】Fifine webcam with 2-megapixel high-definition image sensor and low light correction, makes your video clearer and brighter. Support 1080P(30fps) video call. High sensitivity and smooth pictures, which make the video conference and chat without delay.
  • 【WEBCAM IS A PERFECT GIFT - WHEN YOU WORK OR STUDY AT HOME】 The computer webcam with mic can be used for video conferences, video calls, live streaming, recording and online teaching, working and learning at home, etc. Fits for multi-operation: Windows XP SP2/7/8/10 or above, Mac OS x 10.6 or above, Chrome OS, Linux or above systems. Wide Platform Compatibility: Skype, Zoom, OBS, YouTube, Facebook, Google Hangouts and other instant messaging applications. (Note: Don't fit for PS4)
  • 【MICROPHONE WITH NOISE CANCELLING FUNCTION - ENJOY THE CLEARER SOUND】The PC camera with microphone and noise-canceling function can give you a clear sound while firmly chatting even in a noisy environment. With fixed focus and high-grade glass lens, this webcam can get rid of the tedious focusing process and accurately capture the clear picture.
  • 【360° ROTATION - SHOW DIFFERENT VIDEO ANGLES SPACE TO YOUR FRIENDS 】The video camera can rotate 360 ° horizontally and adjust 180° up and down, so you can adjust the webcam angle according to need. It can be clipped conveniently onto computer monitor, laptop computer screens or stand it on desks and other flat surfaces. (Detailed instructions are in the user manual.)
  • 【PLUG & PLAY - SPEEDY INSTALLATION NO NEED TO WAIT】USB streaming webcam can be easily used by simply connecting it to a PC USB 2.0 data port. You don't need to install a driver, just plug and play.


Full HD 1080P Webcam

Webcam with microphone

webcam for comptuer

computer webcam

Fifine HD 1080P Webcam Makes You Enjoy Happy Online Chat Time

Webcam with mic can be used for video calling, conferencing, live streaming, distance teaching, recording, facial recognition, telehealth calls, working at home and learning at home, etc.

High-Definition Video Call

Computer camera with 2 million pixels high-definition image sensor, effective resolution up to 1920 * 1080 (30fps), which makes your video clearer and smoother without delay. An excellent quality video that makes you look like a professional.

Noise Reduction Microphone

Built-in dual noise-reducing microphone, pc webcam with microphone automatically eliminates noise and captures clearer sound even in a noisy environment.

Low-light Correction

The video webcam keeps the color on balance, automatically adjusts color and brightness for natural lighting, so you always do anything on web camera even in dim light.

90 Degree Wide-Angle

With fixed focus and 90° wide-angle lens features, the streaming camera captures every detail of the video. Perfect for video conferencing and multi-person chat, which can give you an excellent perspective.

USB 2.0 Plug & Play

Webcam for computer can be easily used by simply connecting it to a PC USB 2.0 data port. You don't need to install a driver or download software, just plug and play.

Is 4K HD a show-stealer? No, full HD can be shiny

  • A smartphone with a fancy algorithm can make every frame of the image look its best. But a webcam, even those with higher quality lenses and processing chips can not work this way. Because the USB webcam data will be heavily compressed.
  • Thus, you will not find a day and night difference between a 4K HD and a 1080P webcam. With proper skill, you can even make it a level pegging comparison. If you don't want to bother with the configuration. it is still good enough to get the job done for web-conferencing.
  • Now you decide to spend less and go for a 1080P (30fps) full HD? FIFINE webcam gives such an option as standard, as well as the auto white balance and the auto color correction.


Max resolution
  • 1080p/30fps
Focus type
  • Fixed focus
Image Sensor
  • CMOS
Field of view
  • 90°
Output Connection
  • USB 2.0 type A
Power Supply
  • 5V USB power
Shipping Weight 
  • 0.6 kg



1. Clipping your webcam to the monitor/screen is helpful when recording a webcast, making a video diary, or chatting with friends or family, please check the user manual for proper instructions.
2. Please check the video output settings in your video capture software, these may be possibly set to a lower capture format. The center around processing power (i.e. CPU speed) and available network bandwidth could impede the ability to attain a 1080p video calling session. In all cases, review the requirements from the video calling application. They will guide as to the system performance required as well as the necessary bandwidth.

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